Confluence - how to auto number a column?

I need to create a large list and don’t really want to type the numbers into every column. Is there a plug-in to do that?

Also need that when a row will be erased, the numbers adjust automatically.


You don’t need an add-on for that. Since Confluence 5.8 it is a standard feature and works as follows:

Go to the table and position your cursor where you would like to insert the numbering column. Then go to the menu on top and click on the third table icon from the left. You will see “Insert numbering column”. Just click on that and the column will be inserted automatically.

No problem with erasing rows later on, the numbers will be adjusted automatically.

is it possible to make auto numeration of a tab start from 4 for example?

Hi, in the standard of Confluence, it’s not possible, I’m afraid. But you can check out this app in the Atlassian Marketplace Advanced Tables for Confluence. I think it’s possible there. You may want to check with the developers of the app first.