Confluence - How can I avoid duplicating text or content on different pages?

Hi, when creating new Confluence pages, it happens that similar content already exists on other pages. Can that be avoided? I know the page can’t have the same name but that’s not enough.

Confluence itself does not offer that feature, but I think the app Duplicate Content Defender will help you with this.

The Duplicate Content Defender reduces uncertainty and duplicated work. To find potentially redundant content before creating a new page, you don’t have to use the Confluence search function. Instead, the duplicates are automatically shown in an overview displaying which pages contain similar content.

Depending on the settings, the app searches all or only specific spaces for similar content. It displays results after four characters of the new page title have been entered. Users can choose to search in the current space, or all spaces.

This app is, of course, also available directly in the Atlassian Marketplace.