Confluence - creating space using space templates or blueprints

I would like to know more about space templates and how to create new spaces using them. Can they be customized?

Confluence has many space templates, also known as space blueprints. These provide a personalized homepage and sidebar, and can make the creation process easier. Your Confluence administrator can customize or deactivate space templates.

To create a new space, click “Spaces” in the Confluence header, then click “Create space”.

You will see this dialog:

A team space is helpful for introducing Confluence as an intranet or to use it for team management. Team members can be added quickly and easily, and permissions can be granted accordingly.

Content can be found more quickly using search or page keywords from the space homepage if you use a knowledge base template.
The documentation space is ideal for technical documentation.
If you have linked Confluence and JIRA, you can choose to use a software project space template

You can learn how to create a blank spaces with this answer.

Watch our Video #45 of the Video Tutorial Series “Learn Atlassian Confluence”. You can also read more about templates on this page of Atlassians documentation.