Confluence "Create from template" macro always in top-level / root in space

Many of you probably know the “Create from template” macro.

It’s a fantastic possibility to add it to any page and let your users create new pages based on templates.

However, for some reason the pages are always automatically positioned on the very top level of the space.

But I’d like to have the page directly under the page in which I include the “Create from template” button.

We are on Confluence 6.2.4 - and I think this used to work already as described, but not anymore. Have you ever heard about it? Any idea what could be the problem here.

Hi there and thank you for your question!

I tried to duplicate that problem on my own test instance but it worked fine.

Workaround: You can easily move your new page in the editor before you save it.
Just follow these two steps:

  1. Click on the page tree icon at the top of your page in the editor.

  2. Choose your new parent page and save your settings.

That’s it. If you have further questions, just let us know.

Can you let me know on which Confluence Version you run this test? We are on 6.2.4 and I am not sure if it is our version or some add-on is the reason for that misbehavior.

Sure, it’s Confluence 5.10.2.
Unfortunately I don’t know what causes this problem… But I hope Atlassian Support can help you with this.

I found the problem …

The add-on Templates for Blog Post wsa the reason for this behavior. I could not go into it and we do not use it that often, so I was fine with disabling it.

However, if anyone else has the same issue, this may be the trick.

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Thank you for sharing Markus. :slight_smile: