Confluence Cloud - Can I use Confluence to create a CRM system?

My company is interested in a customer relationship management (CRM) system to store customer information. We already use Confluence in our day-to-day operations as a company and buying a whole new tool is quite a costly investment…

Given Confluence’s capabilities, is possible to use it as a CRM? Do you have any recommendations?

Hi there,

We are happy to say, yes! Confluence can be used as a CRM system and there are several options available. It can be as simple as creating a page. For instance, you could have a page per customer and then keep all the information related to that customer on the page. Or you could create a table and keep all the key contact information in different rows at the top so it is quick and easy to find.

However, to be honest, this could be cumbersome to manage, which is why we recommend using Confluence together with the Properties app. This confluence cloud-based app lets you organize pages in a Confluence instance using forms to collect metadata. With Confluence and Properties, you and your team can quickly organize customer data in one place. :slight_smile: