Confluence - Better and functional templates or blueprints


we use Confluence and Linchpin. The individual teams need better, functional, and logical blueprints, and these are not included in the standard of Confluence. We would like options, such as being able to select the people involved in a project via drop-down menu. Or to be able to change the name of the template without having to type everything again each time.

Our meetings take place in different meeting rooms (or online :)) and these should be available for selection in the template.

It should also be possible to do space blueprints with those details.

Is there a solution that really works?


yes, we have an app that can do all this and more. That’s the Blueprint Creator which is available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

You can easily test the Blueprint Creator in the demo instance:

As Linchpin is 100% based on Atlassian Confluence, the Blueprint Creator also works in Linchpin.