Confluence - beautiful and nicer Confluence pages with Aura app

Each team in our company has its own area in Confluence Cloud where the team introduces itself and where all important info is documented on countless (sub)pages. To be honest, we in our team are not very satisfied with the current look of our team page, because Confluence Cloud offers few options to make pages appealing and less boring.

While researching apps that offer additional macros for Confluence pages, I came across Aura. How can Aura help make our team space more beautiful?

Aura’s formatting macros are perfect for the use case you describe: They help you make team pages, or spaces and pages in Confluence Cloud in general, more appealing and beautiful so that users enjoy visiting them and teams enjoy working with them more.

For example, with Aura Title you can add eye-catching headings to your page, with Aura Divider you can create cool dividers between your content and with Aura Background Content you can add a background image of e.g. your team members to your page. Also useful is the User Profiles macro, which lets you display individual team members, and Aura Cards, which lets you link to other team content.

You can read more about how to create an attractive team page here: How To Present your team at their best in Confluence Cloud

Here you can find an overview of the full Aura macros suite.

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