Can't get any notification on linchpin mobile

I have push notification in configuration from add-on Linchpin mobile. However, I still can’t get any notification on mobile app? Could you help me

That is most likely something that will need you to share screenshots of your instance with us, which should not be publicly available here. Would you please raise a ticket with us here?

One option to help yourself: Try installing the Linchpin Intranet Suite in a test instance. Push notifications are only available for new news that come through Linchpin Enterprise News (Marketplace). You need the most current version of both apps (also Linchpin Mobile (Marketplace)). With the Linchpin Suite it’s automatically compatible.

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As Martin already mentioned, push notifications in Linchpin Mobile are only available for news posts that come through Linchpin Enterprise News. In addition the news sections in Linchpin Enterprise News and Linchpin Mobile need to be configured accordingly to make sure your user is eligible to receive a notification for a new post. You can find a step-by-step configuration guide over here: Linchpin Mobile - Setup and Configuration: News

Since you’re asking for extended push notifications here I’d like to invite you to have a look at our product feedback board where you can create new feature requests, vote for features requested by other users of Linchpin Mobile and even discuss ideas with the community as well as the development team. Here are two feature requests that you may find interesting - just have a look and leave a vote if they fit your requirements:

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Hello everyone. I can see the push notification only use for news post. However, after I configured (follow document) my mobile did not get any notification (I mean it show notify like “we have a new post on news” on mobile screen) when having a new post in News section. Do you have any ideal about that?


Since it’s not easy to track down an issue like this remotely I’d kindly ask you to double-check your news configuration first - within Linchpin Enterprise News as well as in the Linchpin Mobile admin section.
If you are 100% sure your configuration is correct and it’s still not working please create a support request via so we can further elaborate on this.