Can Linchpin Intranet synch up with Azure and the other apps from Microsoft?

Do you work through Azure? We are moving over to Microsoft Azure?

This question needs interpretation. So please help us understand your needs better by refining your questions and giving us more details.

Does that help you? If not, feel free to schedule a call with a Linchpin expert here.

The internal discussion goes on. My coworkers pointed out the following:

  • Microsoft Azure is using a different Active Directory (AD) than the usualy BTF AD that companies deploy today. This is not yet officially supported by Atlassian, although there are some cases where it works.
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) as we know and implement it today is not possible and new solutions need to be tested that may induce additional costs that are higher than our affordable solutions today.

We do have customers who want us to evaluate if Azure is a valid option. This is currently work in progress. We think that running Atlassian software in an Azure environment is experimental as of now.

Atlassian is providing support for Microsoft Azure from now on. It was just announced during Atlassian Summit 2017 in San Jose, USA.

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