Can I use Jira Cloud on my own server? What options are there?

I did not yet understand the difference between Jira Cloud and Jira Server and Jira Datacenter. And I do not understand the difference of all of these with Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Jira Align. What is all of that? How does it belong together?

Thank you for your question. Below I have listed below the differences of the Jira deployment options along with different Jira choices.

Jira Cloud
Jira cloud is hosted by Atlassian. Meaning that Atlassian hosts the servers the software is based in along with maintaining the upgrades and overall health of the system. There is no infrastructure or architecture setup needed by your company. Jira cloud is available as a public site meaning you don’t have to be connected to your company’s internet or VPN system.

Jira Server
Jira server is a setup that is hosted by your company on their servers. This will require your company to maintain the health of the system that Jira is deployed on along with upgrading the Jira software system. Depending on how the setup you may need to be connected to your companies internet or VPN system.

Jira Data Center
Jira Data Center is similar to Jira Server in how it works. Your company would maintain the server the software is located on along with maintaining the server and the application. The difference with Jira Data is it a clustered node deployment. Meaning your system will run on a multi-node setup allowing for high availability, zero downtime upgrades, and scalability for continued growth.

Those are the three type of deployments you can have for your Jira system. Now let’s go over what the software options of Jira are.

Jira Core
Jira core is a product designed for business teams who are looking to work on tasks with a simple workflow. It provides the power of Jira workflows along with task management to complete overall projects.

Jira Software
Jira software comes with the same functionality that Jira core comes including some more agile development friendly items. With Jira software, you are able to create and maintain boards (Kanban and Scrum), backlog, and time estimation.

Jira Service Desk
This application is for receiving incoming issues where you have a team to work on these tickets. Jira service desk provides a portal view for those customers creating issues to keep track of their issues without exposing all information to the customer. Along with that, you can have work queues, SLAs and reports set up for your team working the tickets.

Jira Align
Jira align is a new tool provided by Atlassian that gives an overview of your Jira project in a larger picture. This tool has to be included with an existing Jira application as it is not an independent program but an app.

Which Jira do I need is a good resource to help you further in your investigation of which application or combination of applications you would like to use.


do I need Jira Core if I want to buy Jira Software? Do I have to buy two licenses?

And do I need to have Jira Core or (and) Jira Software if I want to work with Jira Service Desk or is that a separate program?

Do you offer any hosting options for the server versions?


Hello anonymous88,
You do not need to purchase two licenses. Jira Software comes with Jira Core functionality included with it. However, just note that Jira Core does not include Jira Software functions.

The first video in our Learn Atlassian Jira training series goes over the different project types in each Jira offering.

Jira Service Desk is now a stand-alone product as of Jira 7.x and up. So no need to have either Jira Core and/or Jira Software if you want to just leverage Jira Service Desk.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA does offer hosting options for Atlassian software, all those details can be viewed at Hosting Packages For Your Atlassian Applications.