Can I track the linked Jira issue status and other attributes of my checklist task in didit?

As a software development team lead, I rely on both Didit - Checklist and Jira for managing our projects. Efficiency and visibility are crucial to us. Is there a possibility to track Jira attributes such as issue status of my checklist tasks directly from the Didit- Checklist app without having to switch back and forth between the two platforms?

Sure! When you create a Jira issue or subtask from a checklist task in didit - Checklists, our app synchronizes key Jira attributes with your checklist item. Currently we support these three Jira attributes:

Issue/Subtask Status: You can view the current status of the linked Jira issue directly within your checklist task. This means you get real-time updates and insights, helping you stay on top of task progress.

Asignee: You’ll find the initials or avatar of the Jira issue’s assignee next to each checklist task, promoting transparency and teamwork.

Due Date: Your checklist tasks will showcase the due dates from the linked Jira issue, ensuring you have a clear view of upcoming responsibilities and timelines.

For more details, check out our documentation page.

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