Can I mail page content from Confluence to users but prevent information leaks?

I want to send the content of a page in Atlassian to my co-workers in the company. At the same time I do not want anyone to be able to easily leak this info to external people. How can I do that?

//SEIBERT/MEDIA has created a mail page add-on for Confluence which is also available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Currently there is no way to limit the selection of email addresses to specific domain names. But this could be added through sponsored development as an additional feature of the plugin. Also you can simply hide the option to select email addresses via CSS and JavaScript from the web surface easily.

Please bear in mind, that the idea of the plugin is to easily share content with others which includes externals. If you prevent the add-on to send mails to external people you limit its usecase dramatically. Also people can always export pages to PDF or Word and then send the content out through their mail client. So the risk of leaking content is not smaller by this type of prevention.

The feature is used as a replacement of internal newsletters that now can live natively in a Confluence Intranet like Linchpin.