Can Didit Checklist app facilitate the automatic completion of Jira tasks once the corresponding checklist is finished?

I’m using the Didit Checklist app in conjunction with Jira for task management in my e-commerce business. To further streamline my workflow, I’m looking for a way to automate the process. Once a checklist in Didit is completed, the corresponding Jira task gets marked as complete automatically. This feature could be a great time-saver by eliminating the need to manually update the task status in Jira. I want to know if such an automation feature is available in the Didit app.

Currently, the Didit Checklist app does not support this automation. However, we provide a feature known as a Validator that prevents Jira transitions if the checklist is not yet finished.

Additionally, our app supports a Post Function in Jira Cloud, enabling a checklist to be completed once you transition an issue.

Your interest in this automatic Jira task completion feature on checklist completion is appreciated. We invite you to suggest this feature in our voting community. Please note that this would require clarity on how our app would determine which transition to execute in Jira, as multiple transition options can be available. In response to your feedback, we’ve initiated a Jira automation integration wish in our community. Feel free to vote and follow updates there.

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Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash