Atlassian licences - why is the licence fee for 10 users so cheap?

I was looking at the prices for the Atlassian products and how can it be that a licence for 10 users costs only $10 and then goes up to $1200 for 25 users? What am I missing or misunderstanding? Thanks!

Well, it’s part of Atlassian’s so called 1% pledge. The 10$ of the 10 user licences goes 100% to charity. It’s donated to Rooms to Read. In software licensing this is called “freemium” model and very common to charge a small amount for the smallest user tier licenses.

To learn more about Room to Read and Atlassian’s involvement, here are some links regarding the subject:

There is also a video where our Martin Seibert interviews Melissa Beaumont Lee from the Atlassian Foundation: