Atlassian Confluence - XML backup problems with Java heap space


I have a quick question about backing up our Confluence. We are currently using the XML backup method. But Confluence crashes completely because the Java heap space overflows. In the past, we have increased the heap space again and again (currently 3GB).

Is the system so memory-hungry that we should increase the heap directly by a few GB, is this a bug, or is there another - better backup method?


I have found the following information in Atlassian’s documentation. This should help, as the info also refers to best practices for backup.

Cannot create or restore XML backup due to OutOfMemory errors

XML backups cause performance problems or ‘java.lang.OutOfMemoryError Java heap space’

I hope this improves the process. Otherwise, we could recommend our so-called operating packages and the support services associated with them. Maybe this suits your program.