Atlassian Confluence / Linchpin - Convert boring pages into beautiful content, macros to improve Confluence pages

We are using Confluence and soon Linchpin. Since we use parts of the pages published, as an internet, i.e. a catalog of our products, that customers can see, we want to use nicer, not so boring pages. With Confluence that’s often difficult. What options do you use to spice up a Confluence site that can significantly improve the content? Which macros are the best? Is there anything like panel, buttons or with lots of color?

Hi, yes, please take a look at our app Aura - Beautiful Formatting Macros.

On this page you’ll find more info and a Live Demo.

Here are some examples of pages that were built with Aura:

You can also take a look at this blog article.

The App Aura consists of the following macros:

  • Aura Cards
  • Aura Button
  • Aura Panel
  • Aura Title
  • Aura Background Content

Here is a short introduction video about Aura: