Atlassian Confluence - [ ] create an automatic link - how to revert it?

I’m having a problem with the automatic link that is being set by Confluence when editing a page. If I type [ then the text and close with another ], it creates a link. I’ve tried it all, like onthis Atlassian page:

Canceling autocomplete

The autocomplete starts automatically when you press the trigger characters. You may want to close the autocomplete menu or escape from autocomplete once it has started.

There are a few different ways to stop the autocomplete once it has started:

  • Press the escape key, ‘Esc’, on your keyboard.
  • Click somewhere else in the editor panel.
  • Press an arrow key to move out of the autocomplete area.

Nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

I’ve found a few workarounds for this Confluence challenge:

For PC keyboards:

  • You write: [test] and Enter creates the link and the brackets are gone…
  • Now, press the Arrow/Back funktion and the link will be removed and you see the brackets but no link.

On a Mac:

  • Two times Command-Z in a row

For both:

  • start writing “from the end”: type test], then put your cursor on the first position and add the [

Anybody with more ideas?