A checklist app for Jira and Confluence in Atlassian Cloud?

I have seen that you have the same (or similar) app for Atlassian Confluence and Atlassian Jira. How does that work? Why is that helpful?

Yes, our app works with Jira and Confluence at the same time. If you add Checklists for Atlassian Cloud to your Jira or Confluence (just one of both) it will simply work isolated in that instance. Nothing special. But also no limitations.

But if you install it in both products (meaning Confluence and Jira) our app will automatically understand that, as the so called Base-URL is the same. Your base URL is something like https://yourname.atlassian.net.

Once you use the app in Confluence and Jira all data will be synched. It’s like using one app but having all data in both products available and all configuration can be used on both sides.

What are the use cases for Confluence and Jira?

Here are some examples how this could be handy:

  • Automatically create checklists for each issue of the type “software release” in Jira. Then embed the generated checklist into a confluence page about this specific release.
  • Get a consolidated list of filled out checklists at one single place.
  • Prevent redundant or misleading information
  • Use a checklist template in Jira and attach it to an issue although it was generated for a page template in Confluence and is used there.
  • Create new checklists on your mobile app and use them in Jira and Confluence for reports or embed them in pages and issues.