Why should we buy Atlassian Confluence or Jira licenses from an Atlassian Partner?

We need many Atlassian licenses. Why should we buy them from a Linchpin Partner and not directly from Atlassian? Is there a difference in price or other benefits for us? What do Atlassian Partners add as a plus?

Purchasing Atlassian licenses with //SEIBERT/MEDIA comes with various benefits that purchasing directly from Atlassian does not offer. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the largest Atlassian sales partners in the world and with that comes a few advantages:

Purchase on account with a German service provider

When purchasing with us you are not required to use a credit card and have the option to receive an invoice in accordance to German tax regulations. Once you have received the license and checked its contents, you will be able to pay and settle the account within 14 days via well-established procurement channels.

Support from both Atlassian and //SEIBERT/MEDIA

You will receive English support from Atlassian and free software updates throughout the duration of your license. You will also receive support in German and English from our Atlassian specialists via our //SEIBERT/MEDIA website. Your options for contacting our specialists include in person support, by email and by telephone. Please note that this support is not part of your license support and will be charged on a time-and-effort basis.

Professional free consultation on Atlassian licenses

We offer free advisement on which licenses in which license tiers are suitable for your specific needs and accommodations. This includes all Atlassian products as well as a variety of third-party apps. We will not advise you to purchase licenses we don’t think you need even at the expense of our own revenue.

Personal support instead of just email support

Our experts develop a close relationship with our clients by providing direct, hands-on support and connecting to your application with you when problems arise. This kind of direct communication enables us to work immediately to solve and errors and to identify the source of your problems.