Can I disable connectors in

I am using to create an infographic, where I only work with shapes, but not with connectors. Every now and then (especially with smaller shapes) I create connections when I try to move shapes. Is there an option to just disable connections when I don’t need them?

Hi there. Yes, you can disable connectors in To start, make sure you have nothing selected on your canvas and that the Format panel is visible (if not, go to Menu > View > Format Panel). The tab Diagram contains a section labeled Options. You’ll find checkboxes for Connection Arrows and Connection Points. Disabling connection arrows will hide the blue arrows at the shape border (that create floating connections), hiding connection points will make the blue crosses disappear which create fixed connections (see How to connect shapes in (including floating and fixed connectors)).

As you already pointed out, unchecking these boxes comes in very handy when you create diagrams that don’t work with connectors. If you’d like to know more regarding connectors in, be sure to check out our connectors Youtube playlist.

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